Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday~ teacher presents

Last month I was trying to come up with ideas for teacher presents. I wanted something thoughtful, different, and homemade. Most of all I wanted something that the teachers would like and use. I know teachers are slammed with Christmas presents and sometimes it's stuff they could do without. Years ago I found this pattern to make"melting snowmen" out of fleece. Over the years I have made several and always enjoyed personalizing them. I try to find fabric for the hat,gloves and scarf that I know is something that they like. I noticed on a couple of field trips that two of the teachers carried Vera Bradley bags. Since I have a obsession love of Vera it was a win-win. The original idea was to find two to four different Vera fabrics and match the zip id(filled with a Dunkin Donuts gift card) to the fabric. I bought this Twirly Bird Pink fabric early last year was not able to find anymore. Actually I wasn't able to find any Vera fabric. I was so bummed out! I compromised and bought zip id's that matched some fleece that I had in my fabric collection. I know. Not the same. :( I was happy with the way they turned out. Guess who will be collecting fabric throughout the year????

What do you think of these? If you were a teacher,would you have liked one?

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anotherjennifer said...

Neat idea. Seems like something the teacher can display on her desk. And I love that it has a Dunkin Donuts gift card in it. :)