Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday Morning Visitors

This past Sunday we had some visitors before we went to Church. Hubby had to take Foo to work and I was rushing around the house getting Bubby ready when I happened to see them.

I thought I saw something walking across my yard but wasn't sure. They were the cutest things. I'm always surprised when I see wildlife in our front yard. We don't live in the city but we also don't live in the woods. The pair of love birds made a certain 3 year old's day. He couldn't get enough of them. Thank goodness my bird dogs didn't see them. HAHAHA!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day......Not

I am going to jump right in here and say this. I hate April Fools Day. I do. There I said it. I don't like jokes/pranks played on me. Nor do I do them to others. Honestly I don't like Halloween either. Even as a kid I never liked either holiday. These two holidays are Hubby's favorite. 7 years ago sealed it for me. We were told Hubby most likely had cancer. He did. Can you imagine Mr.Prankster trying to tell me the doctors thought he had cancer on April Fools day? I didn't believe him at first. Two years of chemo and medicines has made him cancer free since that day. Praise the lord! Imagine my surprise when we woke up to snow on the ground. I guess even Mother Nature has a sense of humor.

So,I'm kind of wondering....Does anyone else like this day?

Pity Party Table for One..........

A couple of weeks ago I decided to finish/start up my family trees. I started my maternal grandmothers side about 16 years ago and put it away until a few weeks ago. When my grandmother was alive she had given me a lot of names and dates. I wish I would have finished it when she was still alive. It was so important to her to have a completed family tree. I never realized how much info she knew. I've hit a wall with getting past my grand grandfather's parents and can't even find my grand grandmother's parents. As if doing one family tree isn't hard enough,I've added two more. I have wanted to do my bio father's Mom and Dad's side since I was in school. We always had those stupid family tree projects and I never had any info on his side of the family. So a few weeks ago I took out my trusty notebook that had nuggets of info I managed to collect of both families and went to work. When I started out on this journey I never gave a thought to the emotion that would hit me as I searched for my past. I knew I would get misty eyed for the family that I remembered but never expected to get emotional over the ones I never met or that died when I was a baby. As I was uncovering my father's side I couldn't help but wonder if any of them ever thought about me. Did they even know I existed? Some of them are just names on a piece of paper. I have no photographs of. No memories. I felt sad for my father when I realized how few siblings he has left and felt even sadder when he told me his mom hated his father's side of the family. He only ever saw his grandparents a few times his whole life. Kind of like my life. Sad. Yesterday I started working on the tree for the first time in 3 days when my Mom called. My aunt had passed away from cancer that morning. She was my Grandmother's sister. I lost it! I felt like I was losing my Grandmother all over again. I know people don't live forever but she was one of two sisters left in my grandmothers family. 7 siblings  and only 2 left. Until yesterday. I really don't know what I hope to find. I just know I'm doing this for my Grandmother.

 I love you Nan! I'm so sorry I didn't finish this when you were still alive to enjoy it with me.