Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where has the time gone?

15 years ago today I was in the hospital. I was just suppose to get pre-labor testing. The next morning I was going to go back to be induced for my second daughter. She had decided that even being 13 days late she wasn't coming out. She was stubborn even before she was born. Let me correct that. She decided for the testing she was ready to come out. The rest of us,including the nurse were not.  We showed up for our testing. I got hooked up to the monitor and settled in for a few hours of tests. I think we were only there for two hours when I looked at hubby and said"you know that felt like a contraction". He looked at me and said wait and see if you feel another one. Yep less then ten minutes later there was another one. We called the nurse into the room and tell her that I think I am in labor. I'm not lying she looked at me and told me that I was not in labor. She just kept saying over and over again "The medicine makes you feel crampy". We just looked at her and said o.k. In the next hour we sat there feeling the "cramps" and the not contractions from the medicine. She came back in the room to un hook the monitor and again tell her I am in labor. I keep telling her this is my second baby and I know what labor feels like. She finally looks at the read out of the monitor to discover that Yes they were contractions. She leaves the room to call my doctor (who by the way is off for the weekend) when I look at my hubby and say"I feel like pushing". If you ever want to see a man lose all coloring in his face just say that when he is the only other person in the room. HA! He RUNS to get the nurse. She comes in and checks me to discover I am at 8cm. Oh yea! That's when all heck broke lose. She is running to call the doctor. Hubby is running to admit me in the hospital. Another nurse comes running over to get me in a labor and delivering room across the hall. So the new nurse checks me in the delivery room I'm a 10 and ready to push. In less then 5 minutes I was a 10. The nurse and on call doctor start yelling at me to push. The only problem was my Hubby wasn't in the room yet. He was still down in admittance. I'm sitting on a table listening to the doctor and nurse yelling at me to push and trying to hold me daughter in until my hubby got there. Have you ever tried not to push your child out when you really had to push? It ain't easy. He came in the room just as her head was coming out. At 11:32pm our second daughter made her grand entrance into the world. She was this really round faced dark hair blue eyes girl. She had a face like Ernie and hair like Burt. I thought she was the most beautiful thing. I sit here wondering where the time went and where is that baby girl I held that night. I am excited for her future. She is going to be one of those people who get the most out of life. Honestly I can't wait to see where life takes her. Happy Birthday Tornado!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has a great Easter and gets to spend time with their loved ones.