Friday, January 11, 2013

Aloha Friday

Look who is back for Aloha Friday?? Or just back blogging in general?? It's been a long last few weeks.

If you could go back to high school as the person you are now,would you be in the same cliques you were then?

I would most likely not be in the same clique. I let people boss me around a little too much back then. *Read Bullied* There were so many times I should have spoken up or maybe defended myself a little more. Now don't get me wrong,my friends were all different walks of life. I was friends with cheerleaders,brainy,jocks,and farmers. I was even in the FFA. I just had one girl who her whole purpose in life was to make mine miserable even if it meant including others into her imaginary war with me. I know if I went back to school I would not be allowing that to happen again. Thank Goodness we didn't have facebook back then. I can only imagine how much MORE she would have made my life or others.

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