Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday~Snowman sort of

Look who finally got some snow! Last Wednesday night we finally got a few inches of snow. My 4yr old was so excited. He couldn't wait to make a snowman. Unfortunately it was not the kind of snow to make a snowman. It was just too powdery. Major disappointment. He lucked out because on Friday night it snowed some more. It was the right kind of snow to make snowmen with but it was barely two inches. We were cracking up because as we were rolling the snow it was taking it completely off the grass. Notice the bare spots in the background? HA! I realize it is probably the most pathetic snowman you have ever seen. But,hey it made a 4 year old boy so happy for a few hours. The snow had melted by dinner time. That was a whole other meltdown in the Burg house.


Larissa Tenorio said...

Yay! Snow! Our snow has gone and doesn't seem to be thinking about coming back. Oh wells. Enjoy it for us!

Dee said...

How fun! We haven't seen any this year...and probably wont!

GayNYCDad said...

Happy for you to have snowmen and not me!