Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Sweethearts day

Hope everyone had a nice day today with their family or friends. We kept our day low key. Hubby and I decided after our first daughter was born we would celebrate the day as a family instead of a couple. (I just feel it's one of those made up holidays that seem to prey on the single people. Or put undue pressure on married couples. Who needs that pressure??) We always tried to make the kids feel just as special on this day and teach them they don't have to be a couple to enjoy the day. We I cook a nice dinner at home and buy the kids trinkets( Gifts. I have always called it that. Not sure why.)

 Today I tried a different recipe. This morning a put a chicken roaster in one crock pot and cheesy potatoes in another crock pot. While half of dinner was cooking Bubby and I ran out to get some last minute trinkets that I forgot last week. I treated myself to a frappe on the way home. And some fries. It smelled so good coming home to the chicken cooking. Yum! We delivered the Valentines that Bubby made for the neighborhood kids. We actually made a Valentine with a bag of treats for our good friend's dog. Bubby isn't in school and doesn't get a chance to hand out Valentines to other kids. He had a ball. He was practically running to the houses. I'm actually not sure if schools do Valentine cards/parties anymore. I know they stopped doing Halloween parties and parades. We came home and ate our lunch. Hubby came home early and spent most of the afternoon with us. Cheerleader had school and then went over to her boyfriend's house. Foo had work right after school. We only had two kids for dinner. The chicken was extremely tender. It just fell off the bone and melted in your mouth. The cheesy potatoes are no fail recipe. A veggie mix and corn followed by cornbread made up the meal tonight. Dessert. Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I think I gained 10 pounds tonight. I highly recommend doing a crock pot meal for special dinners. No pressure around 5 o'clock trying to get everything done. I think this is the first dinner I could relax. Trust me when I say that doesn't happen to often.

Happy Valentine's day!

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