Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28.....

My kids finally went back to school today after having 9 days off! I'm wondering why we get 9 days for Thanksgiving and only 3 days off for Easter break. It really doesn't make sense to me. I would think Easter would be the bigger holiday that people would travel on. We sent yesterday bringing down Christmas containers from the attic. Today we spent most of the day putting the stuff up. We put a Christmas tree in every room in the house. Our bathrooms get a small tabletop tree. We started doing that when our girls were little. I'm allergic to pine as well as Cinnamon and I wanted to make up for the fact we can't have a real one. This year I'm really rethinking all of those trees. My son can't wait for his tree in his room. I can't find the darn thing. He was almost in tears yesterday because I didn't know where it was. Today wasn't much better. When hubby brought down 3 of the trees he forgot things that go with them. The first tree we tried to put up was missing the pole that all the branches go in. I'm thinking that's kind of important to have. HA! The second tree was missing the tree stand. Ugh. I thought the little guy was going to break down crying AGAIN. I ended up putting the dining room tree up. I really didn't want to put that one up because that's where I have all the Christmas containers stored. I wasn't even half way done and Bubby decided he had enough of tree decorating. Sigh. They are calling for rain tomorrow so I'm hoping to get the rest of the stuff put up.

Oh,the starbucks ornament was a gift from my Mom. Think she knows me too well? I could have used the real drink(s) today. HA!

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