Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leftover Stromboli

I thought with the holiday season in full swing I would share a really easy recipe with you. I had seen this recipe on line before and a few weeks ago I decided to make it. My kids and Hubby loved it. I call it leftovers your family will actually eat. You can basically clean out your fridge with this one. I decided to make a pepperoni Stromboli. The first thing to do is put foil in a baking sheet and spray it with Pam or any non stick cooking spray.
I used French bread for my crust. It might be the one ingredient you will have to buy. We hardly ever have any of this left over. Take the French bread out of the tube and unroll it. Stretch the dough so it fits the whole pan.
Fill in any umm..holes. I confess I had a heck of a time not tearing the dough. HA! Next step fill it with whatever you want. Since I was doing a pepperoni Stromboli my next step was sauce. In our house we always have left over sauce in the fridge.

I then layered shredded cheese. We eat an insane amount of cheese.
I followed the cheese with Pepperoni. I grew up in an Italian family,can you tell? HA!

This is what it looks like put together.

Now start jelly rolling one end until it reaches other end and fold side ends under roll.

I brushed mine with melted butter and sprinkled it with this. Bake at 400. 20-25 minutes. I would check it after 20 minutes. That's it. I told you it was easy.  I made it a second time and omitted the sauce. Pepperoni bread. You could do lunch meat and cheese in one. Maybe a taco themed one. You are only limited by your imagination.
P.S. Does anyone happen to have a really good Red Velvet cake recipe? I'm looking for a southern based one.

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