Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm dreaming of a white Halloween......

What, you've never dreamed of the white stuff under your orange pumpkins? Never thought how fun would it be to go on a wagon ride in the snow? Never thought of playing let's see who can trip over the pumpkin that's hidden in the snow? Ever wonder how in the world are you going to fit a snowsuit under a costume? Or saying to the kids no running down the street because you might slip on the black ice? Me neither! Nor do I ever want to think about this stuff again. Mother nature, please keep the white stuff to yourself at least until Thanksgiving. I love watching the high school Turkey day games in the snow.

Believe or not but they are were sand cherry trees. I'm not expecting them to come back in the spring. Bummer. This storm really did a number on things. Some of our neighbors lost their electric yesterday and were told they won't have it back on until TUESDAY! Not acceptable. 

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