Sunday, December 14, 2008


I should have known. It was too good to last. Here at the 'burg house we put a tree in everyroom. Yes. Even the bathrooms. Why? Well,I am allergic to pine and cinnamon. As my kids say, I am allergic to Christmas. LOL. I feel bad we can't have a real tree so I put a fake one in every room. This year with Guy being 18 months old we decided to put a small tree in our familyroom and the larger one in the livingroom. I thought it would be safer. Yea right. I only took my eyes off of him for 3 seconds. I turned back to see that little tree falling on my little King Charles Cavalier. The ornaments went flying. All to the sound of little feet running across the room. Followed by a little voice,OH. Two little eyes looking at me almost saying,I don't know what happened. 

How many more days until Christmas?

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