Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A few of my favorite things

The other day we were looking thru our Christmas decorations and found little guys Nativity play set. I had forgotten we bought him one last year. He was so little last year I just kept it in the box and stored it in the attic. I fell in love with this Nativity set the moment I saw it. I collect Nativity scenes and thought he just had to have one. This year this is the only one set up in the house. It's the only one he can't break. Mama decided to leave hers packed away this year. Because the dude can break things. LOL.  Anyway this is the cutest set I have ever seen for toddlers. The animals have real hair. The donkey has a mohawk. Baby Jesus has a light that shines down on him. It evens plays away in the manger. I have even noticed my teenagers playing with this thing. The table he is using? Mine. I have a picture of me(trying to upload it on the blog)playing with my tea set at that table. I recently discovered it was taken a few days after Christmas,many ,many years ago. We are almost the same age in the photo. Little guy and I were born in the same month a few days and a few years apart. *Wink* Lets just say I was born in the 70's and he was not. LOL. The stories that table could tell.

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