Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Can we talk pads?

Last month Influenster sent me a Goddess Voxbox that contained Always radiant pads with flex foam to try. I have used Always radiant pads before. I am a fan of the line and decided to tell you my thoughts on them.

I love how colorful the pad liners look when you open the box. Isn't it pretty?!?
Seriously is that not a cute package liner? Let's face it when it's that time of month, I need something cheerful. Heavy flow and massive cramps does not make me a happy camper. :)
I have found the Always radiant line to not be bulky pads. But don't let that fool you. These pads can hold a lot. *TMI alert* I am an extremely heavy flow kind of gal. Sometimes it looks like a crime scene. Yes. That bad. I have found the Always pads able to handle me.

They do come with wings. They are also scented. It is a very light scent.
Now my thoughts about them. Always pads really do work on keeping me leak proof. I try not to go more than 5 hours overnight with the same pad so I can't say if you can go longer than that. The sample I was sent were the regular size. I wish they were a bit longer. I usually go with heavy or overnighter pads for the length. I can't use regular during the first half of my period. The other thing I would change would be making them scent free. I'm not a fan of scented hygiene products but that's just me. Overall, I did like the Always radiant pads and would purchase them.

Overall grade: B

*Influenster sent me a free box of goodies. I did not get paid to review them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

All and all I really enjoyed my Goddess Voxbox! If anyone is interested in more info I will leave my referral code below.
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