Thursday, August 4, 2016

A new travel favorite..........

When Influenster sent me the Cutex nail polish remover pads to try, I admit I was skeptical. I have tried nail polish remover pads in the past and well hated them. The other brand who shall remain nameless,barely budged the polish off my nails.

The first difference I noticed between these and the other ones I tried was the smell. I have not had removers that smelled this good before! I guessing its the botanical oils Cutex puts in them. The second difference? The remover pads are actually felt.
My thumb nail is the first nail I did. One swipe and my polish was off. That easy!
This is after using the remover pad on my whole hand.
This is after using the same remover pad on all my nails. Not too shabby! If you take notice you will see I only used half of the Cutex pad. Impressive!

Overall thoughts? I loved them! I'm extremely picky about nail polish remover in general but I was impressed with these. The package says one pad will remover polish from all 20 nails and it did. The smell was very pleasant. I loved the fact that the pads were felt. They seemed stronger than the average remover pad. I think these are going to be perfect for upcoming travel trips I have planned.

Overall grade: A
*Influenster sent me a free box of goodies. I did not get paid to review them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

All and all I really enjoyed my Goddess Voxbox! If anyone is interested in more info I will leave my referral code below.
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