Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rainy day Sunday

Today found our pesky little friend hanging off our chandelier. He made me a nervous wreak up there. I just had visions of someone turning on the fan and either taking his little head off or just sending him airborne. I'm already on Santa's naughty list. The little dude over heard me say if JingleBells didn't stop his little antics I was going to kick his magical little butt back to the North Pole. Bubby got a call from Santa yesterday and ratted me out!

Can you blame me? First he leaves a powered sugar mess and then he thinks he's getting my coffee! Seriously that's just taking your life in your own hands. :)

We found this in our Star Wars Advent calender. I think it's the x-fighter. Or something like that.

We also made it to church today. The first time in months. I know. I know. No excuses to miss it. Bubby is no longer in the pre school classes. He is now in the kindergarten class and I was so nervous on how he would be. He seemed to really enjoy it! While we were there Hubby's dad was telling us who the guest speaker is going to be in the spring. Ready???? Drum roll..........Tim Tebow! Last spring we had George Bush so this doesn't surprise me. Our church has a knack of getting great speakers. I will have to do a separate blog post on our church because you will not believe the size of it. Let's just say we have our own coffee shop in it complete with a full size jungle gym. The kind you find at fast food places. Wait until you hear about the youth group wing! Wish my church growing up was like this one.

Have a great Sunday!

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