Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st

Look who came back for the holiday season. Again. That pesky little Elf. At least this time he brought gifts. Last year all he did was cause trouble. Because it is December 1st it also means something else came for the holidays. The Advent calendar.

Bubby is always excited about this. He reminds bugs us non stop about opening a door each day. Let's hope I remember to fill it each day. As if an Elf and an advent calendar weren't enough to remember to do each night,I added another advent calendar.

Behold the Star Wars Lego calendar. Behind each door is a Lego set to put together. I was thinking the same thing. This woman either really loves Christmas or she is a nutcase. My money is on the nutcase. There is no way I am going to remember to move that Elf every night or put stuff in that red calendar or put Lego sets together.

P.S. funny story about the Star Wars calendar. Bubby opened the 1st door and pulled out the little pack of Lego's. I'm looking at the bag and wondering what the heck it makes. No directions. No picture. I do what any Mom would do who doesn't have a clue. I google the calendar. After looking for a while I found a video on the calender. As the woman is talking about the calendar I happen to notice that the picture of what its suppose to be is on the back of the 1st door! I can't believe I missed that. HA!

Anyone else do calendars?

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