Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deer me.....

Umm...Jingle Bells that deer is not one of Santa's reindeer that will take you back to the North Pole. Even you don't have that much magic in you.

Today we found this dude in our calendar. Bubby loves when we get the Lego people instead of the ships. Me too! These are so much easier to put together.
Today My oldest daughter,Bubby and I went shopping at our outdoor mall or Promenade as some people call it. I love the setting of this place. It is surrounded by mountains. I have to try and get a picture next time I am there. This is the Christmas tree in the town's fountain. (Yes. You read that right. In the summer they turn the fountain on for the kids to run thru it.)This thing is huge! Next to it is a gazebo where Santa does pictures on the weekends. It also happens to be right next to Starbucks. A nice little bonus for the parents. :)

One of these years I will get my son's picture taken here.It gets crazy busy here on the weekends. I love the concept of having a picture with Santa in front of this fireplace. I did notice today they do have space heaters to warm up the gazebo.
Our lunch today! Sometimes you have to eat dessert first. :) Not only does this place have a Starbucks they also have a Nestle toll house cafe. The smell of this place is unbelievable.

I say judging from their faces they agree. Dessert should always be first!
Have a great night!

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