Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Sunday

Guess where I was yesterday? I know it's hard to guess. Ha! The last few weeks we have spent some part of the weekend at the lake. I told hubby one more week at the lake and our family will be planning an intervention. It is also the second time we were stopped by the water police. When Hubby was loading the wave runner on the trailer he didn't have his life vest on. Apparently it's a big no no. Normally he does have it on but yesterday some boats blocked the waverunner on the dock and he had to drive it around the corner before he could get it on the trailer. We usually just pull it around with a rope. We cant figure out why a boater can drive a boat without a vest on but we couldn't move that jet ski without one on.

Since our friends didn't have their daughter with them and we only had Bubby with us we decided to stop for lunch. Afterwards we took our friends to the yummy cupcake place. Don't they look delish!!! The best cupcake (so far)is peanut butter crunch. I swear it tastes just like a butterfinger crunch bar. Thank goodness this place isn't near my house. I might need intervention for the cupcakes! Lake and cupcakes! I think we are starting to turn into boring people. Ha!

How was your weekend?

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