Monday, June 18, 2012

two weeks of updates.....

I know I have been promising to give updates and explain why I haven't been on as much. A few weeks ago Hubby found another lump. This time in his neck. It took a few days to get into the doctors office for an appointment. While he was the there the doctor discovered another one in his neck. Not as big but still another one. Due to my Hubby's cancer history,the Doc ordered a P.E.T scan to see if it was cancer and to check for other hot spots. After a week of waiting the Doc's office called back to say that the insurance company denied the request. They wanted Hubs to call his oncologist to get them to request the test. They thought maybe they would have better luck getting the insurance company to agree to it. After an other week of waiting,Oncology office said the insurance company denied it AGAIN. WTHeck??? Hubs Oncolist office issued a C.A.T scan instead. If that shows anything then they will get insurance to issue a P.E.T scan. Hubby had the CAT scan done this past Friday. Today we could learn the test results. To say I'm on pins and needles is an understatement. While all of this stuff was going on we have been keeping busy with life stuff.

Two weeks ago....
My mother in law went to the Er because of stomach pains. The hospital did an ultra sound and discovered she had Kidney stones. She was sent home with medicine to help pass them and to follow up with her Doctor in a few days. When she went to the doctors they realized she didn't pass the large stone yet. They scheduled surgery for the following week. The Doctor was unable to remove the stone and put a stint in her. She had to wait for another week to have surgery to remove them.

Hubby came home from work on Tuesday and said he had MLB tickets for Thursday. Bubby attended his first baseball game in the city. He loved it.

Wednesday Bubby had his well check for kindergarten. I forgot he would need shots. He was not happy. At.All. He now weighs 44 lbs and is 43 inches tall.

Friday our 18 year old graduated from high school. I was so proud of her. Our 16 year old decided to thru a tantrum and try to ruin the night for her sister. So mad! My mom and sister in law have never seen my daughter act like that and were appalled. Talk about embrassing. My daughter refused to have her picture taken with her sisters after the cemormy. Ugh. Most of my pictures I took during graduation didn't turn out due to the lighting in the gym. Double Ugh. I am on the hunt for a better camera. It was also the official last day of school.

Saturday was a surprise party for our neighbor and great friend's daughter. Coolest party. She rented a pavilion at the park. There was line dancing,volleyball,and playground equipment. Something for everyone. My friend made the cutest cake.

This past week.....
Tuesday the little guy and I did story time at the library. He loves it there. Its so hard for him to sit still the whole time. Mr. Antsy pants usually can only make it thru 2 stories before he starts talking to the other kids. HA! They are doing a summer reading program. The more you read the more tickets you earn. At the end of the summer your tickets go into a jar and they pull them out for prizes. Yep. He's super excited about that.

Wednesday we went out thrifting. I didn't find much. Sad. I know. I love looking for bargains. My mother in law went in for surgery. They were able to remove her kidney stone. She is now a happy camper.

Saturday we went to a country concert. We had two extra tickets in our group. Some people backed out at the last minute. Thank goodness. Due to my mother in law having surgery and my oldest daughter going away for the weekend we bought my 5 year old to the concert. I was so nervous about bringing him. He did awesome. He was some kind of chick magnet. Way too funny!

Sunday was Fathers day. Two of our girls were working and our oldest was still away for the weekend. Hubby,Bubby and I went out to lunch. Our 18 year old got him an outback steakhouse gift card. We have been wanting to eat there but every time we go there the wait is over an hour. We figured if we went for lunch maybe it wouldn't be that bad. I think we waited 10 minutes for a table. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

There you have it. The last two weeks in a nutshell. Hope you didn't fall asleep reading all of that. HA!
Off to finish some chores around the house. Hope everyone had a good Monday!

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