Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodies in the mail last week.....

Back when we got our first computer that had the ability to be online my good friend showed me how to send for free samples/coupons of products. (Funny thing is her husband was the one who built our computer. He is a computer programmer.) My girls loved getting things in the mail with their name on it. Actually they still do. Ok. So do I. HA! Every Spring I would look up products I knew they would like and send for them. That way they would get mail all summer long. The joy on their faces would be priceless when would receive something. A couple of years ago when I joined Twitter, Heather was one of the first people to follow me. Once I discovered her website I was in love. She posts all different links to freebies and contests that she comes across. A lot of companies offer samples,coupons and contest via their facebook pages. Every week on her site she posts what came in her mailbox so I thought this week I would show you what came in mine.

I got Purex laundry detergent,Dad's trail mix treats for dogs, and a Target sample pack.
Honestly there wasn't a heck of alot of stuff in the Purex and Dog treats but the Target bag woo hoo. Target was running a summer giveaway. It was suppose to run until June but when I sent for mine they were out by the end of May! They went quick. My understanding is Target ran one of these contest before and people were excited about them. Take a peek what comes in the box.

Cute box but wait until you see what's inside.

The cosmetic bag has the nicest fabric I have seen in a while. Its a very thick fabric. I usually find cosmetic bags to be very flimsy. Ready to see the inside of the bag???

Yep. It came loaded with stuff! Lotions,shampoo,conditioner,and lipstick. Did I mention the coupons that came in the bag??? I see why this offer went fast. I feel a little guilty that my girls didn't get one. Not guilty enough to give it to them. HA!

So....Is anyone else into samples and freebies?

*I did not receive anything for this post. This was on my own with no compensation from any company. I'm just sharing my love of stuff in the mail*

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