Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

As many of you know,today is a tough day for me. When you lose a parent, days like this make you realize just how much you really miss them. You want to be at a Hallmark and be buying them a card. You want to be scouring the Internet looking for the right gift. These are the days that it smacks me in the face that my dad died. That I can't just pick up a phone and wish him a Happy Father's day. It also makes me more aware of the fact that a don't have much of a relationship with my bio dad. I watch as his other kids and their girlfriends post on his wall and know that we don't have that kind of relationship.Honestly,I'm not sure we ever will. Of course that makes me miss my dad even more.

Yesterday My SIL posted a photo and a poem that she and my nieces wrote for my BIL. I know my nieces have been struggling as well since my brother in law died. This year is the 1st father's day with their new Dad. I'm praying this year starts their healing and that the ache will go away for them.

Who knew a made up holiday could bring so much pain....

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