Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's are always rough....

This morning was another drama screamed filled morning. I love Monday mornings in our house. NOT. The teens are still on that state testing schedule for school. I believe tomorrow is the last day of it until April. Thank God. This schedule just does not work in my house. Everyone gets up at different times and takes turns in the bathroom. Some reason going to school later messes it up. Nobody can seem to get and in and out of the bathroom for the next person. And no one wants to use my bathroom. This morning that's what happened. My youngest daughter got up early to use the bathroom to get ready. (It's the only place she can do her make up and hair. Lighting and her poor eyesight are her 2 worst enemies.) Tornado got up later and thought she could just sneak right into that bathroom. You can only imagine the screams that went on in our house. Awful. I tried to break it up and of coarse I got screamed at too. Not cool. My youngest daughter did apologize later to me. On twitter. Gotta love technology. HA!

Once they finally settled down and went off to school,Bubby and I did the grocery shopping. Does anyone else dislike grocery shopping as much as I do? Some weeks I would rather eat out everyday than do the grocery shopping for the week. Of course I would be sick by the end of the week after eating all that gross food. HA!

After shopping we did our "Monday after grocery shopping" ritual. Dunkin Donuts. A few weeks ago in our coupon flyer(I"m not sure what this thing is actually called. We just get one in the mail every week.) We received a card to get free ice coffee or Tea every Monday until April. I'm not sure how we got one because there were a lot of people on facebook who never did. I did discover something on facebook. If you like Dunkin Donuts on facebook look and see if they have a page for your region/area. Our regional Dunkin offers specials for a few days. The first week it was a free med ice coffee. The next time it was free oatmeal. This week is a .99 breakfast sandwich. Not too shabby. The coupons usually run from Monday to Thursday. I do recommend checking again on Wednesdays because last week they ran another coupon that was only good until Friday. If for some reason your coupon doesn't want to print don't hesitate to email them. The first week I could not print the darn thing. My mac didn't want to play nicely. I emailed them and they tried troubleshooting for me. It didn't work so they emailed me the coupon. How's that for customer service?

If I come across anymore offers from Dunkin or anywhere else I will try to pass them along. If you find any special offers feel free to leave it in the comments or email.

Have a great day....

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