Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top O' Evening to ya.....

Happy St. Patricks Day to all my Irish (or not so Irish) family and friends. The pesky little Leprechaun came early. He manged to turn Bubby's chocolate milk green. Needless to say Bubby was not amazed. At. All. He refused to touch it. I did what every mom would do. I put the chocolate milk in a dark sippy cup. He had no clue he drank the milk. HA! The Leprechaun also left a Bob The Builder DVD. That made up for the green milk. *I didn't blame him for not drinking the milk. It kind of grossed me out too.*

That pesky little Leprechaun even left a little treat for me. How sweet was that? I should be grateful he didn't play any other tricks on us. I got off easy this year he only moved a few of my decorations.
Foo decided to have two friends spend the night tonight and I decided to keep dinner easy. I didn't make any special Irish dishes. I figured they probably wouldn't eat any different foods. I made them a pizza and homemade fries. I did however make a semi Irish dessert. The last few weeks I noticed that Andie's cupcake recipe going around on pinterest and decided to give it a whirl.
It's not a hard recipe to make but it is time consuming. It's a three part recipe. The cupcake,filling and the frosting. Warning it is very minty. You must be a fan of cream cheese to appreciate the frosting. I'm not much of a fan of cream cheese. Hubby and one of my daughters loved it. My 17 year old did not. She's like me and not a fan of cream cheese. If you like cream cheese and mint this is a recipe to try. I'm off to get the little guy to bed. He's been a bear all this week due to the time change. I'm hoping next week he's not so cranky. A Mom can dream,right?

Hope everyone had an awesome St.Patty's Day!


Larissa Tenorio said...

I'm cranky too. Because of the time change. Hope this week is easier! The cupcakes look great!

burgmom said...

Thanks! I'm thinking of trying another recipe this week. Maybe something with a buttercream frosting.