Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1st day of Spring.....

It can only mean one thing. Free water ice at Rita's today! Who can possibly turn down water ice? Over the years of visiting our local Rita's I have realized one thing. Get there early. After dinner it is mobbed there. I suspect today is going to be worse. We are expecting temperatures in the mid 70's. Everyone and their brother is going to be there. If you have never heard of Rita's and are wondering what the heck it is here's a link.

Speaking of spring, this past January I attended the launch of Vera Bradley's spring line. I know. I'm a little late posting this considering Vera is launching the summer line on Thursday. Maybe I'll post about attending the summer launch sometime in the fall. HA! Our Vera store was offering a promo. Any Vera purchase and you would receive a free gift. I went there to buy the in tune case for my ipod but when I got there it was way too small for my itouch. I found this little Gem instead.
The Stay Tuned case in Island Blooms. On the top just before the zipper is a tiny hole to slip your headphones thru. The other side is a metal clip to attach to your belt loop. I'm finding myself using this more for my iphone. We take walks a lot and this is a great way to keep my phone handy. I'm in love with the print. It feels so spring/summer to me.

My free gift came wrapped like this. I had no idea what it was until I got home from the Vera store. Honestly, I couldn't wait to get home and open it. And this is what it was.....

A mini kiss lock coin purse. First off I love vintage bags with Kiss Kiss locks. My love of handbags go back to when I was little and my grandmother would buy/give me hand bags. Second,notice the fabric? It's Island Blooms. I loved it even more that it was in my favorite new fabric. Two weeks before Valentines day Vera ran a special promotional handbag. It was only offered in the four new spring colors.

Want to take a guess what Hubby got me for Valentine's day???? Yep you guessed it.

The Sweet pleat tote! I just started using this bag this week. I love it! It fits so much stuff in it. I have my 4 year old all the time so you can imagine the things I need to fit into my bags. HA!
Can't you just feel the tropical breezes??? Bring on spring!!!

Hope you are enjoying the first day of spring!

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