Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super bowl Sunday

Hubby and Bubby woke up sick today and I'm not a 100%. We had a very low key kind of day. No church. No hanging with friends. No going to a friends house. Most of all no awesome Giants super bowl party. *Insert sad face here* Did I mention the Giants are my favorite team? Ever. I can't remember ever being sick on Superbowl Sunday before. It just stinks. Bubby and I are parked on the love seat and Hubby has the couch. I keep calling us the pitiful bunch. HA!

The score is 15 Giants-17 NE at the end of the 3rd. I hoping the Giants can pull it off. Did anyone see the Ferris Bueller commercial yet? I have been dying to see that one. I only left the couch once. I was afraid I would miss it. HA!

ETA~I just saw the Ferris commercial. I love me some Matthew!

ETA(again) The Giants won! 21-17. YEA!

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