Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Tuesday

We are still a little under the weather in the Burg house. Seriously this bug has got to leave soon. I honestly believe its because of the weather or should I say the lack of winter. (Last Tuesday morning I spotted a skunk running across my neighbors lawn. That's how warmish it has been lately.)The day started off unseasonably warm this morning. I left the dogs out in my pjs and spotted a cardinal in one of our little trees. I stayed outside to make sure they didn't harm love on it too much. The bird just sat there with no care in the world. I ran in the house and got my camera. Still didn't fly away. After a few minutes my dogs noticed it and started barking. The poor thing took off and my dogs followed. He managed to get away before my hunting dogs got him. I was out there for almost 15 minutes with no coat on and still wasn't cold. I know it seems like all I do is complain about the weather on here and twitter but I have a really good reason. I just don't want to get snow/cold weather at the end of March. These warm days we have had are making me long for the spring already. I can't stand the thought of wearing a cute Easter outfit and having to cover it up with a winter coat. Two years ago we had over three feet of snow on the ground this time of year. This year we have only had two snowfalls. I don't think they totaled 6 inches. If we have a huge snowfall this year remind me how much I wanted snow. I'm sure I will be complaining because I have everyone stuck in the house with me. HA! So is anyone else experiencing unusual temperatures this year?

*No birds or snowman(sigh)were harmed in this post*

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