Friday, August 17, 2012

Family weekend.....

We got up this morning at 6am to start our weekend in the mountains. A family weekend at Hubby's hunting cabin. When I say family,I mean family. Hubby's cousin, her husband and her Dad. Our oldest daughter Cheerleader and her boyfriend. Our daughter Tornado and her boyfriend. Our youngest daughter Foo and her friend. A jammed packed family weekend to celebrate Hubby's birthday. Hubby's cousin left for the cabin Thursday morning and our two oldest daughters left Thursday afternoon. We decided to leave Friday morning instead. Hubby wanted to leave Thursday but I know too much family time is not good for us. HA! After our 4 hour drive we arrived at the cabin. Did I mention it has no cable,Internet and no cell service?? There aren't even WiFi places in town. Actually the town doesn't even have a fast food place. It's that backwoods!! 

It should be an interesting night/weekend for the Burg family!

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