Thursday, February 9, 2012


We finally got a little of the white stuff yesterday and last night. It wasn't enough to make a snowman but it didn't cause any school cancellations or delays. My kind of snow. I just love snow on the ground. It just makes everything brighter. I can't stand the dark early thing at nighttime. Too depressing.

Hubby finally went to the doctor yesterday for the cough he had since last week. It turns out the poor guy has walking pneumonia. Ugh. It doesn't surprise me that much. The type of cancer he had effects his immune system. We always have to watch when he gets sick or gets an infection. If being sick wasn't bad enough, on Sunday he knocked a crown off one of his teeth while he was eating. (Ever since his chemo he has had nothing but problems with his teeth.) Monday when he went to the dentist they told him they have to extracted the whole tooth out. So tomorrow guess where he is going? It's really not his week. Poor guy!

We heard back from the insurance company. They will give us enough money to replace all of the kitchen cabinets. I wasn't expecting that. In between illnesses and teeth falling out we have been looking at kitchen cabinets. HA! I can't wait to get my kitchen back together. I kind of miss my dishwasher. OK. I really miss my dishwasher. HA! I've been waiting for the water and electric bill to come in the mail. I'm curious if we save a lot more money by not using the dishwasher. We'll see.

Happy Thursday.........

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Vicki said...

I love snow but haven't seen any for 24 years. It's time to make a trip up north during the winter.

Sorry your hubby is having such a bad time. Hopefully things will turn around for him.

Congrats on the insurance being so great. It's horrible when your kitchen isn't functional.