Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thrifting and magic erasers......

Yesterday my oldest daughter and I went bargain hunting as we call it. We hit up some local thrift stores to see what we can find. Love it! We don't just do it out of frugal-ness but out of being green. Why should something sit in a landfill when other people can get some use out of it? To me the thrill of "thrifting" is seeing what you can find and how much you pay for it. Rule number 1 is never buy something just because it is cheap. If you do that, you are mostly going to end up with something that you will never use. Buy it because it is something you can use/want. My second rule is think outside the box. Example if something is dirty or missing parts is it something that can be cleaned up or fixed. Third rule is it something that can be refurbished? If it's a desk maybe turn it into a vanity. Our travels yesterday found this:
You can see how well loved this art easel was. Normally I would have thought twice about buying this. I wanted to get Bubby one for Christmas but all the stores were selling the flimsy ones. I really wanted something like this one. Notice it says Crayola??? Score.
This is what it looked like after I used Magic Erasers.
Not too shabby,right? It almost looks brand new.
Those drawers look awesome. I forgot to take the before photo of those. They were totally covered in markers.
I can't recommend Magic Erasers enough. Those things are like little miracle workers. If you have never used one before, I highly recommend checking them out. They work on other surfaces as well. So, are you ready to hear what I paid for the art easel? I paid a whopping 4.99!!! Can you believe it???? You never know what you will find bargain hunting.

Happy thrifting!

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Larissa Tenorio said...

What a great find! Bravo! I love "bargain hunting!"
It looks great! Glad you found something so awesome!