Saturday, November 26, 2011

The rainy day DMV blues......

Have you ever had a day you wish you could start over? That was my day on Tuesday. Hubby left for work at 5:30 am. 5:32 My dogs started wining to go out. Why they didn't need to go out 5 minutes before is beyond me. You know when my Hubby was still home. My little dog can't just go out, do his job and come right back. It takes him forever to go. 20 minutes later I get the dogs back in and settled down. I climb back in bed. And wait. For sleep to happen. Nope. After an hour I realize I am not going to fall back asleep. I get up and get some coffee. I thought I would just work on my blog while Bubby was still sleeping. 10 minutes later I hear the patter of little feet. So much for working on my blog. We eat breakfast while waiting for the other two teens to wake up. Today was the day Foo was going for her permit.

I finished her paper work and wrote the check for the permit and off we were. 30 minutes later we arrive at a packed DMV. I'm already thinking great. It's poring outside and I'm stuck in the DMV with a four year old. Heaven help us. HA! After 20 minutes they call her number as we are walking up to the desk I hear a little voice "mommy,I have to pee". My son is the kind of kid who holds his bladder forever so when he says he has to go,he means it. I luck out the bathroom is near the desk my daughter has to go to. I hand her the paper work and run Bubby to the bathroom. Bubby reaches the bathroom before I do and can't open the door. That's when I realize it's LOCKED and it's the only bathroom in the building. UGH. He's jumping up and down yelling he has to pee. Meanwhile my daughter is yelling they need my license. I'm running back and forth in this little hallway handing her stuff and watching my little guy. Finally the door opens and we run in. The little guy goes and I realize I have to pee too. I'm yelling at him to wash his hands while I pee. I knew my daughter can't take the test without the paperwork done. We finish up and get her paperwork done. She takes the test and passes. (Yea. Another teenage driver. So excited!) Anyhoo as we are getting her permit,the worker notices that our doctor's office never put down their state license number. What?! You didn't notice that before she took the test? Really? They won't give her the permit without that number. I call our Dr office. They are out of the office until 1:30. It's 12:00 now. There is no way to leave a message either. We decided to go out to the car(in the rain) and think what we were going to do. That's when Foo had a meltdown. In typical teen fashion I got blamed for not checking the paperwork. Teens. Gotta love them. Luckly there was a pizza shop near by and we eat lunch there to pass time. Bubby has to pee again. Find another awful bathroom. Finished Eating and went back to the car(still Raining) and waited until it was time to call. I called got the state number and Foo ran the number back in. She wasn't gone 5 minutes when Bubby says he has to pee again. What? The boy never goes that much. As we are running back in Foo comes running over. She wants the check. Umm. I gave that to the guy. You know how our luck as been so far. We checked everywhere for it. I dumped out my purse and Foo searched the car. I just didn't have it. The guy who originally helped us is on lunch break. The new guy can't find our check anywhere. We would just have to wait for the other guy to get back from lunch. I can't write a new one because I never carry a checkbook. I can't make this stuff up if I tried. My daughter and I just sat down. I honestly didn't know if I should laugh or cry at this point. 15 minutes later our guy walks back in. I'm not sure if he felt sorry for us or just wanted to get rid of us but he took us right away. Turns out the check was on his desk the WHOLE time. The new guy looks over at me and says "It was on the desk and I didn't see it". Not once did he say he was sorry. WTheck?!

Four hours after we left home we finally arrive home. Thank goodness I don't have to go back there for a permit again for 12 years!

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