Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last camping trip of the season

Every Janurary we sit down with our camping club(5 families that share our love of camping) and we plan out all of our camping trips for the year. We try to plan around Proms,homecoming dances,soccer games, and cheerleading. Trust me when I say it's tough sometimes. Did I mention we have a total of 11 kids not including two girls who are over18? Case in point was our last trip of the season. One by one our friends couldn't make it. It was down to my family and our really good friends. I have to admit both of us were considering canceling the trip too. They were calling for rain for the weekend and we were so tired of camping in the rain. Once my daughters heard their daughter wasn't going my girls really didn't want to go. Foo spent the weekend with Hubby's parents. Our friends had no kids for the weekend and we only had two. It felt so weird to be without all the kids on a Halloween weekend.

I finally got around to taking the pictures from our camping trip off my memory card and thought I would share them. As I'm sorting thru them I realize I took very few pictures of us actually camping. Ugh. It had rained on Friday before we got to the campground so we decided to eat out once we got there. Saturday we decided to go hiking on the  Appalachian Trail. Yep you read that right. and no we weren't planning to hike across several states. The other hikers who were actually prepared to hike on a trail kept telling us that the look out point was ONLY a mile up the trail. They lied! After walking a mile and a half   100 miles another group of hikers informed us the look out point was at least another mile. Did I mention my 4 year old was hiking too? We turned around and called it a day. 

Tornado at the top of a stream. I had no desire to hike to the top of that.

Another photo of the stream

Loved this little pond

That bench kept calling my name
The View looking down the trail                                                                      

We left the trail and headed back to the campground. They had a Halloween parade and campsite trick or treating for the kids. My son was so excited for the candy begging giving that he wanted to stop after 5 campsites. Most kids want to go to every site. Not mine. HAHA! All the poor boy wanted to do was eat his candy. I can't say I blame him. I was pretty much thinking the same thing. HA! I love Halloween theme weekends. They usually have so much for the kids to do.  After Trick or treat they had a costume contest/dance. Crafts for the little kids. Bonfire and hot cider. Does it get any better? How many more days until our next camping trip?

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