Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day

We actually have a day off from school today. One of our elementary school is a voting place so it shuts down the whole school district. Day off from school can only mean one thing. Sleepover for someone. Last night Mady had two of her really good friends spend the night. The family jokes that they are our other two daughters. I guess at this point what's two more teenage girls. HAHA! The girls decided to make a cake and some cookies last night. So sweet they cooked me desert. HA! They got their little bodies up at 10:30 and ate breakfast and left by 12. To be a teen again. I'm up at 6. Every morning.

Hubby and Tornado went hunting. It's the last week of hunting and hubby wants to go every chance he gets. Ugh. It makes my day so long with the 4 year old and getting everyone where they need to be. Hubby had to work a little later tonight which meant less hunting time due to the time change. I have to admit this time change really stinks. I hate driving anywhere in the dark. As they were changing out of their hunting clothes Hubby says to me "do I have a tick on me?" Yep. A deer tick from the looks of it. It took forever to get the darn thing off. I'm not sure if we got the head out or not. The doctor said they don't give out antibiotics without symtoms first. We have to wait 2-3 weeks. Ugh.

Hubby picked up Foo from work and now we are watching Home Alone 2. We usually don't watch it until after Thanksgiving. The snow we had the other day made us all want to watch Christmas movies. I really wanted to watch Glee tonight but once I heard the theme I changed my mind. I've been a little annoyed with Glee lately. The adoption storyline really got me mad and now this first time episode. I mean really??! Do we have to keep promoting teenage sex.

Hope everyone got out and voted today.

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