Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mean girls

I am always amazed how mean and catty teenage girls can be. Who am I kidding? I know adults who fit still fit that description. My youngest daughter Foo Foo(15) has had Regina making her life miserable since November. Anyway they can make her cry or get upset, they do. She is by no means an angel. We have had a awful year and a half with her. ( I'll blog more on that when I get a chance. It's going to be a really long post.) It started with her and a good friend having a disagreement. Nothing major. Until Regina got involved. Why I have no idea. The good friend joined forces with a couple of other girls. They honestly go out of their way to make not only Foo's life horrible but now Tornado's. Ugh.  Tornado(16) decided to be a great big sister and stand up for Foo and now they have other girls not talking to her. Today the mean girls verbally went after Foo and Tornado had enough of the crap and reported it to the guidance counseler. They want Foo to make a written statement about what happened. She doesn't want to because she is afraid of what the girls will do next. I can't say I blame her. I don't want to see the mean girls in trouble. I just want it to stop. The thing that is so frustrating is a month ago a boy from the high school committed suicide because he was bullied. WTHeck are these girls thinking????? Did I mention that the good friend's parents are the ones who camp with us?? Sigh. Advice? Anyone?

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