Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend with friends..........

This past weekend we did two things we love to do. Camping and hanging out with our friends. 6 years ago we bought our first camper after friends of ours did. I remember looking at all the campers and thinking are we nuts? Hubby grew up camping. I did not. In fact my Dad's idea of roughing it was a hotel with no room service. So how does a girl like me start camping in the first place? A nature loving hubby. That's how. A thing that started out with just two families has grown. This past weekend we had four families with us. Next camping trip we will have seven families with us. How do we keep getting families to go with us? Easy. You have your kid tell their kid how much fun it is. Then their child nags them to get a camper or to go camping. Not that I would ever encourage such behavior. That would be totally wrong. I do have to warn you,if you camp with us at some point of the weekend it will rain. Rain hard.

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