Friday, January 23, 2009

I finally broke down......

  and went jean shopping. I hate jean shopping. I have put that off for as long as I possibly could. I am talking my jeans had wear out marks on the knees. Oh I kept making excuses. I'll lose some weight and then I can buy them in a smaller size. Or I'll just wait until they are on sale. Nope. Had to do it yesterday. I was starting to look like a rag-a-muffin. So I walked into the department store. Looked around and suddenly remembered why I hate jean shopping. Nothing ever fits right. The color is always wrong. Can we talk about the price of jeans. HELLO. I think anything over 30 dollars is way too much for jeans. After about a hour of looking I found three pairs to try on. Only three. You guessed it. I only found one pair that fit my tough standards. I did look to see if they had another pair exactly like those,after all I wasn't coming back for jeans again. Nope. Did I tell you I was also shopping with my 20 month old? Oh yea. 

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