Saturday, January 24, 2009

Got game?

I just realized no football games are on this weekend. None. Zilch. What in the world are we suppose to watch now? If my girls have their way it will be something on MTV. I can only take that channel for so long.  When did MTV stop playing videos? I can remember getting up on Saturday mornings just to watch the video countdown. I just found out Total Request Live is no longer on. 

Anywhoo back to football. Did your team make it that far? Are they in the Super Bowl? My Giants didn't make it as far as I would have liked. They had a better season then some other teams I won't mention. You know the team that knocked them out.  We will be rooting for the Steelers.

P.S. don't tell little guy there is no football this weekend.
The jersey he is wearing belonged to my 13 and 14 year olds when they were 3 and 4. Trust me that is the only reason he is wearing that team.

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