Monday, December 22, 2008

I am going back to bed

Have you ever had one of those mornings, where you wish the alarm never went off? You know the ones. It's too warm in bed. or. It's too cold outside. That's how it started off. That was the highlight of the day. Friday morning we were hit with a snow/ice storm. The weather wasn't sure if it just wanted to snow or just give ice. The girls school sent everyone home by noon. No biggie. Sunday morning we were hit with more freezing rain. The sun did come out and warmed everything up. Big mistake. Whatever melts must refreeze at night. Which brings me to my lovely morning. We wake up today to -5 degrees. I can see you thinking, why get out of bed? The morning was going well until I went outside to pre-start the car. All I had to do was take my youngest daughter to the bus stop. That is it. I start the car and try to shut the door. The door will not shut. I am there shutting that door and watching it fly back open. Several times. I decided to leave the car running with the door sort of closed.  I thought maybe if the car heats up enough the door will shut. I call hubby to see if he has any ideas. Nope. I already tried everything he suggested. His big advise,"just take the big SUV today". The big SUV we never cleaned off. The one we never even shoveled around. Yea right.  Ten minutes later daughter and I get in the car and the door will not shut. I am trying everything I can think of. It just would not shut.  I tell her she has to get the bus at the next bus stop. I spent the next five minutes trying to decide how to prop the door closed. I was terrified my car battery would go dead. I did get it to close. At some point I realized I have to go out today. I had to finish my Christmas shopping. The biggest problem of the day. The only ice scraper we seem to own is in my xuv. Oh Yea!!!! I can't drive the tank without cleaning off that windshield. Can you see my dilemma? If I open that car door,it might not close again. If I don't get that ice scraper, I can't clean the tank's windshield off. Either way I am not going anywhere. I did what any intelligent person would do. I opened the hatch on my XUV and climbed through the car to the drivers seat and got the ice scraper. I climbed back out. I was so proud of myself. I closed the hatch and watched the drivers door fly open. I swear all the color left my face. I worked on the door for a little bit and it closed. I waited for the baby to wake up. I got him dressed . I went out to start the SUV. I carefully stepped on the ice and made my way to the drivers door. The door was frozen shut. I am not kidding. I might have said a couple of not so nice words. O.K. I said a lot. I went over to the passengers door and climbed in that way. If you ever need someone who can climb thru the car in 1.5 seconds, I'm you're gal. Almost 40 minutes later I FINALLY get all of the ice off the window(but still can't open my car door) and we are on our way. I think my cars just didn't want to get up today either. One decided to not close it's doors and the other one decided to not open theirs. 

I was finally able to open that car door when I got to the place that sells everything. Thank Goodness. Can you imagine me climbing out of my car thru the tailgate saying Hiddy Ho. You might be a redneck.....

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