Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Did you do anything special?

Last month was National Adoption month. It started out as National Foster care month to bring public awareness to children in the foster care system.  Sometime over the years it started to include all adoptions. Courthouses all over the country hold multiple adoptions on the same day. There are parties and special things for the kids to do. It's a nice way to celebrate a long journey. If you have ever done foster to adopt you know exactly what I am talking about. Our own adoption journey took us 16 months. In world of foster care that was quick. 

So what did we do? Well we had a party. We actually finalized over a month ago,so we missed National Adoption Day in our county by two weeks. Honestly,I don't know if we will celebrate next year or not. I know some families celebrate "gotcha day" and the day they finalized. My son will always know he was adopted. I just don't think they need to hear it 24/7. Those other "days" just seem like you are making the child even more different. Our bio children get Birthdays and holidays. Why should our non bio children get more days? My biggest thing is making sure all of our children are treated the same. It doesn't matter if they grew under my heart or in it. Treated the same. 

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