Thursday, November 27, 2008

Love me some turkey and football

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Are you one of those families that have the same traditions every year? Do you go to the same house every year? Do you switch every other year? When Hubby and I first got married we did the every other year with his side and mine. Sometime over the years it became his family's holiday and Easter became my family.  But for as long as I can remember high school football and NFL football have always been part of the day. There is nothing like rooting for your team. When I was growing up in my 'burg our high school football games were everything. We have one of the oldest Turkey football(high school) games going. I think we are up to 102 years running. I can remember going to my G.mothers house for dinner and the excitement of who was going to win. My uncle was from across the river so his team was our rival.  Yep we had some*LOUD* interesting Thanksgivings. LOL. The best part if your team won you got the drumstick!!!!! I'm not sure why,when you are a kid that is a big deal. The family has changed over the years. We lost my G.mother 8 years ago. My uncle is in poor health. The rest of the family? Well they all go other places for dinner. US? Well we have a daughter who cheers at her high school Turkey day games. In her 'Burg. Yep I moved from one 'burg to another 'burg in a different state. What can I say? At least I can spell my town's name. LOL. 

I can't post for Thanksgiving and not say what I am Thankful for. Well,that is simple. Hubby. My three girls. My little guy. My family. Hubby's family. Most of all Hubby has another year cancer free. How awesome is that? 

I wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

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