Friday, May 24, 2013

Show me what you make or sell.....

Today on Kelly's show me your series is all about what you make or sell. I heart this topic. I love me some crafts! This is my honest humble disclaimer moment,I do not have artistic abilities. I am not one of those people who can draw or paint beautiful pictures. I have tried. Boy have I tried. Art teachers have asked me to not come back again. Joking. Sort of. Anyhoo. Years ago when my girls were pretty small I decided to teach myself how to sew. My oldest daughter loved the American girl dolls and my two younger girls loved baby dolls. Those American girl dolls and clothes are pricey! I bought a couple of patterns and fabric and I never looked back. I made the girls dresses to match their dolls clothes. I've made costumes for school plays. I have made them Halloween costumes. I have made doll diaper bags as well as baby diaper bags. My most prized craft was a doll quilt I made for my Aunt's little girl. I used my Dad's old dress shirts. She was named after my Dad and I felt it was something she should have. It was a small project that took a long time to complete because I couldn't stop crying. Rough project. I really developed a love of sewing. I also do cross stitching but for some reason I always come back to sewing. I couldn't find pictures of all of the things I have made. I didn't realize how many pictures I had until I started looking for some of my sewing ones. I really do like taking pictures. HA!
This past year I was stumped on what to get for teacher presents. By the time the fourth kid comes along,you have bought every gift possible for teachers. A couple of my teacher friends have confessed to me a lot of the presents they receive they have no use for. I have been making these melting snowman for years. I know some of my son's teachers drink coffee and some like Vera Bradley. That's when the idea was born. I made them melting snowmen that they can use for winter decorations. I bought each of them a Dunkin Donuts gift card. Instead of the usual card holder I bought them each a Vera Bradley zip id. I use my zip id to hold all of my gift cards so I thought it was a win win!

This was the original plan. I wanted to use Vera Bradley fabric to make the hat and scarf to match the zip id. Each teacher was to get their own fabric. I just could not find enough fabric to make 4.  Bummed. I'm not sure what I am going to do this this one. Isn't she cute??
This a chef costume I made for my son a few years ago.

Pirate costume I made 2 years ago. He loved this one so much he wore it two years in a row. As I find more pictures I might add them today. Not only is it my birthday but I am heading out the door to my son's pre school graduation ceremony and don't have time to look for more pictures. If I get a chance later I'll add other pictures. Don't forget to visit Kelly's site and link up!

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