Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday morning.....

I finally got a chance to pop in for a quick update. My nieces went home yesterday afternoon. My oldest niece was texting me when I was on the way to the dentist office. She said they were waiting to leave for the airport and were killing time. My oldest daughter was texting her since I was driving. I love the fact she can now text me. It makes me feel more connected to her. When did she get old enough to text? I texted her again when I got home to wish them good luck on their travels. She just kept texting until they got on the plane. She then texted when when they got home. Gotta love modern technology. I'm hoping maybe next time we can fly out to see them. I really enjoyed my visit with the girls this time.

This morning I have to take the dog to the vet to get his stitches out. That should be a fun morning. HA! I'm not sure why I'm evening taking him. I believe most of them are out anyway. As soon as the cone came off he couldn't stop licking it.

Later today Bubby has an O/T appt. I'm not looking forward to it. She's a nice lady but I don't think she is the right personality for him. I think he needs a slightly more aggressive thereapist. I don't mean a person who would yell at him but someone who doesn't allow him to get away with things. He really hasn't learned much from her yet. He still can't right his name. We are still looking into Kindergarten options for next year.

Last night had another issue with Foo. I can't wait until she's an adult and outgrows this. Or at least becomes less selfish. A mom can dream,right?

Off to start this fun filled day. HA!

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Felicia Carter said...

It sounds like you've had a busy day!!