Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday......

I thought I would give some updates about this guy and my Hubby today. Our springer made it out of surgery fine. The doctor still isn't sure if it was a tumor or a cist. We all agreed it was big,ugly,nasty and it had to go. They would like him to wear the cone for 10 days. I really don't see that happening. The poor thing can't walk from point A to point B without smacking,knocking over, and killing the back of your legs. The last two days I have been hand feeding him since he can't find his bowl. HA! Poor thing. I have to tell you the funny story the Vet was telling us when we picked him up. When we took Springer in they gave him a shot to calm him before surgery. I even joked with the Vet about giving him an other shot. The vet knows how he gets with seperation anxiety. They asked that we sit with him until he calmed down. Tornado,Bubby,and I sat with him for 30 minutes and he still wasn't calm. We were getting into our car and Tornado says"I hear him" Sure enough there was a dog in there carrying on. I assumed it was ours because thats how he gets. The vet confermined it was him. They had to give him another shot. Apparently that one didn't work. He got another one. When that didn't work they had to give him 100% gas during his whole surgery. After surgery he didn't stop barking once. I'm surprised he could still bark after that. That's how anxious he gets when I'm not around. Finally someone else understands what its like to be his owner. HA! I think they were counting the seconds until we picked him up. :)

Hubby met with the oncogolist on Tuesday to discuss the results of his CAT scan. He could not see anymore lumps on the scan nor did he feel anymore on Hubby. He doesn't want to do a PET scan and subject him to anymore radation. I agree! Hubby will see him again in 3 months. I'm not sure if he will be back to having 3 month visits again but at least they are keeping an eye on him. I'm thankful!

My nieces Firefly and Lady Bug are flying in from Minnosota today and are spending 2 weeks with my In laws. I get excited when they come in. We only get to see them once a year. My half sister and her family are also up from Virginia visiting this week. I haven't seen her yet because of our schedules. I'm hoping to see her and the kids before they go back. If you don't see any new blog posts its because I will be busy enjoying family visits.

Have a happy Thursday.............

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