Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1st day of summer vacation.....

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation here. Our school actually got out a week earlier. We had such a mild winter and never used any of our snow days. I guess the school board decided to torture the parents with an extra week of summer. HA!*side note~I really wish our school district would rethink the school schedule. We go back before labor day and have a ton of "weird" days off. Do we really need a whole week off for Thanksgiving? I feel sorry for working parents who have to use their vacation days for school closings.*

I'm trying to keep summer as normal as possible for Bubby. His O/T and Behaviorist therapy has 3 weeks off in June and 3 weeks off in August. I am dreading this. I am so afraid he will lose anything he has learned in that time off. His behaviorist and I are working on a schedule to still meet during that time.

I'm not sure if it is going to be a long summer or a fly by fast summer. It does take a while before we adjust to having everyone home at the same time. My 16 year old has a hard time getting along with her sisters(and us too) and makes everyone miserable. We are going thru a rough time with her(again) the last few weeks. Out of my three girls she is the one who struggles being a teenager. She is angry a lot and screams. I think she has a hard time with the fact her sisters are older and can do more things than she can. I wish there was a magic wand we could wave over here and make everything all better. I miss the days when they were little. A hug and a kiss would make everything better. Sigh. Advice??

It did occur to me yesterday. This is my last summer with Bubby before he starts school in the fall. Bittersweet. I'm trying to get together with some childhood friends over the summer so our boys can meet. I'm afraid once school starts we won't have time due to half day kindergarten schedules.

Anyone else off for the summer???

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