Tuesday, March 6, 2012


After waiting almost three months my son goes for an evaluation tomorrow with the intermediate unit. Those of you new to my blog my son has struggled with food texture/sensory and processing issues since he was a couple of months old. It has been a long battle trying to get him services. The early part of his life because he was still a foster child we had to take him to the doctor the state insurance recommended. She was a quack. No offense to state doctors but I have never been to a doctor like that in my whole life. First off her office was in an old Victorian house and looked like the 1960's threw up there. Nothing was updated. Horrible. The one day we were there for baby shots she wasn't feeling good so she didn't give him a shot. Yep you read that right. We had to go back another day. Who does that? She never picked up on Bubby's reflux even after I told her several times that he spit up excessively. That's where some of his issues started. After we finalized Bubby's adoption we were free to change his doctor. Unfortunately our doctor wasn't covered under our new insurance and took him to a pediatrician some friends recommended. I would tell this doctor time and time again about his eating habits. I was told the same thing, he will get over it. Give him time. After months of things not changing I was able to get Bubby evaluated for our state's 0-3 program. He qualified for services. He was actually doing really well with the program. When children turn 3 they reevaluate the child to see if they still need services for the preschool program. The state didn't feel like he needed services anymore. WHAT??? They felt he would outgrow his issues. Not only didn't he outgrew them he also developed other issues. Hubby thinks he might be dyslexic. I have been working with him for months on numbers and letters. There are always a few he just can not get. Even if you show him the flashcard and tell him what it is. Two minutes later he still can't tell you what the letter/number is. As frustrating as it is for me, I can only imagine how frustrated he must be. The last two weeks he has been so out of sorts. Rubbing his head on the carpet,putting things in his mouth, and being a wild man. I am hoping that maybe they can finally tell me how we can get him over some of his issues and get him ready for school next year. I'm terrified that his issues could keep him from attending school next year. They will be testing his motor skills,speech and sensory. I was told they might be testing his hearing as well.

Praying and keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow turns out to be a good day!

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Larissa Tenorio said...

Praying for you two too. Chin Up!