Thursday, March 8, 2012

Evaluation day

Yesterday my son finally had his evaluation with the county intermediate unit. I knew as soon as we walked in there he was not going to qualify for any services. As soon as they started asking questions,I JUST KNEW IT. It's the same old dance every time.  I'm not sure if it is just my state or all states but ours only gives services if the child scores less then 21%. My son scored 37%. I'm stunned that my state finds any thing less then 50% acceptable. Whatever happened to "no child left behind"?  I mean didn't we get that drilled into our heads for years? They seem to think he would benefit from a preschool setting to help him with his issues. You know the ones he doesn't have. Sigh. Here's my theory on sending him to school. If he has issues and is in a classroom with 20 other kids, he is going to be a distraction to others. The teacher will have to stop class and correct his behavior. Therefor other kids are going to miss out on learning and he will be labeled as difficult. How is that helping him or others? It's not. And that's the problem. They also don't think he should go to Kindergarten next year but should go to preschool. Umm...Isn't that the same thing??? They also want him to come back for a hearing test next week. I guess just to rule that out. Luckily after facebooking yesterday my friends chimed in with some advise. Places they have sent their sensory kids.  In the next few days we will be looking into other options.

Wish us luck.......

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