Thursday, January 26, 2012

Queen of the electric fry pan......

If you have been wondering why I haven't been posting a lot it's because of this post. Yep here we are 12 days later and still no stove or dishwasher. Let me correct that. Without an electric dishwasher. I apparently am the washer around here. Hubby has helped a couple of times. I never realized how many dishes we make a day. Geesh. We eat and drink a ton of stuff during the day. I even bought paper plates and plastic silverware to cut down on dishes. The last fews days I have been spending time washing dishes by hand and getting creative with meals. My camping skills have kicked in. We have two electric fry pans that can almost act like a mini oven when using the lids. We have two crock pots.(Thank you to whomever invented those little suckers.) They are my saving grace. We also have three mini buffet crock pots. My brother bought that nifty thing for me for Christmas. Love that kid! The only thing I really miss is baking. I bake a lot. I can't seem to come up with something to bake in. Any ideas?

Hubby did talk to the restorations guy and he hasn't finished his report yet to give to the insurance company. I believe that's what they are waiting for. Please say a prayer he gets his report in. Anyone have any recipe they would like to share?

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