Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All is quiet on the home front....

Do you hear that? Me neither. It's the sound of silence(except my son watching Jake and the pirates). Two of my girls went back to school today. My oldest was asked to fill in for someone at work this morning. Hubby went back to work. It's just me and the little guy today. I am loving it. After having everyone home for almost two weeks I am so ready for a vacation. I love my family but boy are they a messy bunch. HA! Today I am hoping to take down some of the Christmas trees and maybe some decorations. I keep telling myself I will do that but honestly I just feel like doing nothing and enjoying the day with the little dude. I don't know about anyone else but Christmas kind of wipes me out. The shopping. The baking cookies. The putting trees up. The decorating. The lights on the outside of the house. The cleaning. The making a Christmas dinner for 20 people. Let's not forget the finding room for the stuff that Santa and everyone else bought. If I do anything today I think it will be buying containers for all of the toys my little dude got for Christmas. Either that or looking at bigger houses to buy. HA! Actually I'm kind of serious about the larger house. I think we might have maxed out space in this one. I do believe we have too much stuff. We shall see what the day brings today.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day with or without the kiddos.

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