Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crazy weekend

After a busy weekend I do believe I am so ready for bed. Thursday at the last minute Hubby had to work Thursday Night into Friday morning. Keep in mind this was after he already put 8 hours of work in on Thursday. It was solo parenting for me because he never got home until 3 am. Friday he was lucky to have the day off or so I thought. He was called back to a job in the morning and had a meeting in the afternoon. Solo parenting again. I made sure everyone got to where they needed to be. Foo had a guy friend over. We pretty much just had takeout, watched a movie and crashed for the night. We are so exciting. HA!

Saturday Hubby had to work most of the day. Tornado had to work until 1 and Foo had work until 3:30. I couldn't stand the thought of just sitting around with the little guy and decided to do the one thing I hate to do. Yep. I went to the mall. On a weekend. Ugh. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I had a 20.00 coupon for Vera Bradley that expired on Sunday that I wanted to use. I also wanted to check a balance on a gift card for Victoria's secret. *Have you heard about the Victoria's secret promotion they are doing on facebook? You log on to Victoria's page and at 9am clink on a link. You can win 20,50,100,or 500 dollar gift card. They don't tell you the amount but you can check it on line or the stores. These cards are really hard to get. I spent 30 minutes trying to win one.* Bubby didn't have any melt downs at the mall. Well except for yelling Santa's name over and over. My boy is a Santa stalker. HA! I came home hid some of the presents we bought and Hubby came home. Picked up Foo from work. Cheerleader came home and mentioned her car was acting funny. Hubby takes her car for a test drive and discovers her tires are bad. The threads were starting to show on them. Parent fail. Cheerleader takes my car and Hubby takes her tire to the store that sells everything. They were the only place open this time of night. The plan was he and tornado take the tire to be fixed and then drop Tornado off at her friends house to sleep over. Apparently everyone needed work done to their car. He was talking to guys at the shop and they told him how they were waiting for over three hours to get new tires put on. The shop people told Hubby it would be 1 and 1/2 hours until they got to her car. Yikes! I decided to pick Hubby and Tornado up and then drop her off at her friends house. After we dropped her off, Hubby and Foo went Christmas shopping. She didn't want me to go along so I think she was buying gifts for me. :)

Sunday we got up early to take Foo to work and Bubby on a train ride with Santa. He had no clue we were going. Two hours before we are suppose to leave Hubby notices Cheerleaders car has a flat tire. The one that we just had replaced last night. Ugh. I give her my car keys and Hubby takes the tire back to the store that sells everything. By the time Hubby gets back Bubby and I are ready to leave. 10 minutes before we get to the train Bubby guessed where we were going. Little stinker. He loved it! I will be blogging about that train ride. I have to get the pictures off my camera. Anyone have a great photo editing program they would recommend? We stopped and ate lunch on a caboose. So much fun. On the way home we stopped and picked up Tornado. As she is getting into the car,hubby notices she has a nose ring. I thought it was her fake magnetic one. Nope. I look closer to realize it's real. It turns out the girls pierced their noses themselves. Double ugh. I have nothing against people who have them but I really don't like them. I was more upset she did it herself and knew I didn't like them. In the course of our discussion she says "I was going to get one when I was 18 anyway." Oh we are in for battles when she turns 18. I keep telling the girls you don't like the rules you know where the door is. I hate being this way but you can't let them walk all over you either. 4 year old are so much easier. HA! Our friends came over to draw names for Pollyanna. An hour later Hubby took Foo and her friend to church youth group. Bubby and I stayed home. It's an earlier night for me tonight.

How was your weekend?

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