Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yesterday we went into Pigeon Forge. I have to be honest. It was one of the worst towns I have ever been to. I was expecting it to be like Gatlinburg. It was nothing like it. It was shore town meets mountain town. I didn't take too many pictures here. I really hope Nashville isn't like this. I will be so disappointed. They do have a really cool Titanic museum. We tried to go into it but the wait was too long. We did eat at the Dixie Stampede. Oh my Gosh!  We had a pre show before dinner. You are in one big room with drinks and listen to a trio play. They were really good. It was blue grass/country Tenn music. Loved it! When they were done we moved to the arena. The food was fabulous! Your meal consisted of creamy veggie soup, cheesy biscuit, a whole little chicken, a piece of pork loin, half a potato,corn on the cob and apple turnover for dessert. I never ate so much before in my life. LOL. There was a catch for dinner. NO SILVERWARE! You eat with your hands. The weirdest thing ever. The show was fabulous. Tornado and S were asked to be a part of the show. They won their horse foot race. It was so funny to see those two riding a horse on a stick. The Dixie Stampede is a very pricey place to eat but worth every penny. The only thing I was disappointed with is I didn't get to meet Dolly. LOL.

Dixie's stable
See the bird on the sign

A western store so cute

Look closely the building is upside down


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