Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday's adventures

Setting up on Saturday

This is the house that's behind us. I thought it was the cutest thing

Weird place for fireworks

On the road to downtown Gaitlinburg

Almost there

I couldn't imagine what the view is like here

If you look closely you can see several houses on the hill.

Getting closer to the "city"

The weirdest intersection 

We didn't go down this road yet. 

Look at the huge houses on the hill!

Bubby not looking at the camera

Ripley's Aquarium

Bubby was so happy to see this Duck

He thought we came all this way just to see Ducks

Mama and her babies

The first Kev and the girls went to

The bathrooms were just as scary as the house

Stores that opened up to this courtyard 

If you look closely it looks like cracks in the building

Forrest Gump's restaurant and gift shop

The 2nd they went into

I thought this was the coolest Burger King

Yes the sign says "Do not touch" I couldn't keep him from touching it.
The car was just his size no wonder he thought it was his

Another little shopping area off the main street

I thought they were the neatest things

Tornado's dream come true...meeting the blue M&M

Oh wait maybe it was Foo Foo's dream come true

Bubba Gump's shrimp

She looks a little too happy hugging that Shrimp

The guys dream come true

Mini golf on the hill

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