Thursday, February 19, 2009


The love of reading is strong in our house but not at first. When the girls were babies and toddlers they hated for people to read to them. Really it wasn't the actual reading but more the sitting still. They couldn't sit still for more then 20 seconds. They were always on the go. They all walked by 9,10 and 11 months. It was a battle to get them to sit after that. It lasted until they were 3 ish. They would sit and read for hours. Throughout the years they have all been in some sort of accelerated reading programs/classes. I wasn't worried when Bubby wouldn't sit for story time either. One page into the book and off running he goes. That was a month ago. I'm not sure what happened but the dude LOVES to be read to. I mean LOVES. I can get at least 20 minutes out of him. I think we have read every toddler book we own to him. The favorite one? Look no further than the photo. We have read that book so many times we have memorized it. Even the teenagers. You can give him a choice of ten books and that's the one he picks out. It is so bad that even if you are not the one reading to him you still say the lines no matter where you are in the house. I hope the love of reading stays with him like it did with his sisters.

*Does anyone know where to find the "Belly Button Book" by Sandra Boynton? I think he might like that one. Nobody seems to have it around here.

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